Kickstart This! #316: Vindication Board Game and Chronicles Expansion

“The road to restoring your lost honor goes deeper with Chronicles, the second expansion to Vindication. Chronicles adds more narrative, immersion, and story to the existing Vindication experience, both for the island itself and for your own personal journey. Decisions are further recorded on new, large, full color paper player sheets. Make enough decisions embodying a certain attribute and you become legendary for that attribute, gaining you a powerful new ability and a big gorgeous tarot card to place next to your wretch tile to help you feel extra good about your progress. This campaign is also an opportunity to pick up the recent Vindication: World Box Odyssey Bundle and Wintertide Promo Pack, as well as all previously released Vindication promos, the base game and the previous expansion.”

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Late December Update

4 Currently-Running Kickstarters (funding from Dec. 19th – Jan. 1st)
1. Alhambra Big Box 2nd Edition (funds 12/22)
2. Momiji (funds 12/23)
3. Vindication Board Game and Chronicles Expansion (funds 12/30)
4. Winter Queen (funds 12/31)

0 Acquired Games

3 Backed Kickstarters
1. Nemo’s War: Journey’s End Expansion & Ultimate Edition
2. The Pursuit of Happiness – Big Box and Nostalgia expansion
3. The Transcontinental

3 Played Games
1. Fossilis
2. Hero Realms: The Ruins of Thandar (3x)
3. Paradise Lost

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Kickstart This! #314: Alhambra Big Box 2nd Edition

“Players are acquiring buildings to be placed within their Alhambra complex. Players with the most buildings in each of the six building types in their Alhambra score in each of the scoring phases, and points are awarded for players’ longest external ‘wall’ section within their complex. The new Kickstarter features all new artwork, all 6 expansions, 2 Queenies and Tile Dispenser Tower.”

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