The Kickstarter Weekly is published each weekend, featuring hand-selected campaigns completing their funding the following week! More video series are coming in 2023, including re-launched Teach & Reviews with improved equipment, and a new video series deep diving into the mechanisms and strategies of various games. You can also view these videos directly on my Youtube channel:

The Crowdfunding Roundup for Tuesday, February 28th

Featuring ’85 Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires, An Age Contrived, Ancient Terrible Things: Reawakened, Back O’ Beyond: Tales of Blood & Salt, DVG – Flying Tigers Leader, Encounters: Shattered Wastes, Gnomistic, Huang, Last Fish!, Neo Grimorium: The Card Game, Nevermind The Distraction, Nooblings, Pocket Paragons: Round 2, Puzzle Dungeon Solitaire Card Game Intro Deck, Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, Soda Pop Collection, Song for War: Mediterranean Theater, Soul of Ankiril, Spirits of Christmas, and Wanderlust: Discover the World.

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