Podcasts are temporarily on hold until Covid-19 restrictions have been eased and a vaccine is widely available… but please enjoy the growing video content! You can also view these videos directly on my Youtube channel:


The Kickstarter Weekly, November 28th – December 4th

Featuring Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Renovations, Copan: Dying City, The Last of Us: Escape the Dark, Mysthea and Icaion Solo Expansions, Oceans: Legends of the Deep, On the Underground: Paris/New York, A Wayfarer’s Tale, and Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Retaliation.

Also Gaia Project (solo mode), Lost Ruins of Arnak, Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders, Tapestry, and Wingspan: Asia Duet Mode.

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The Kickstarter Weekly, September 19th – October 2nd

Featuring Almost Innocent, Clinic Deluxe Biohazard Expansion, Dawn of Ulos, Dune: War for Arrakis, Dwar7s Legendary Forest, Forsaken, The Fox Experiment, Fugitive 2nd Edition & Run, Keyforge: Winds of Exchange, Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall, Merchants Cove: Master Craft, Quodd Heroes 2nd Edition, Sagrada: Artisans, Space Explorers Age of Ambition and Prehistories Evolutions Expansions, Weimar – The Fight for Democracy, and Wizard Duel.

Also Kanban EV, Origins: First Builders, and Port Royal: Big Box.

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