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Kickstart This! #179: Tanares Adventures + Arena: The Contest 1.5

“Arena: The Contest is a tactical combat board game with two Game Modes: Player versus Player team competition, and a cooperative mode with both one-shot adventures and an Epic Campaign. Tanares Adventures is a massive expansion with over 40 miniatures, extending the total Campaign content to 100+ hours featuring dozens of villains, while PvP Mode gets multiple new possibilities with Heroes and Companions from a new Combat role.”

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Kickstart This! #178: Genotype: A Mendelian Genetics Game

“A worker placement, dice-drafting game set in St. Thomas’ Abbey, where Gregor Mendel performed his paradigm-shifting experiments. 1-5 players take the roles of research scientists competing to collect and validate experimental data on pea plants. Players will spend time working on the monastery grounds, simulate plant breeding with dice and Punnett Squares, and use funding to further their research opportunities.”

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