Kickstart This! #145: Button Shy Wallet Games – Reprint Campaign

Some of Button Shy’s earlier games are being reprinted in the wake of the success of Circle Your Wagons, Sprawlopolis, and Tussie Mussie. Those games currently include: Avignon: A Clash of Popes by John Du Bois, Avignon: Pilgrimage by John Du Bois, Banned Books by Jason Tagmire, Cunning Folk by James Treat, The Maiden in the Forest by Todd Sanders, Mint Julep by Dan Letzring, Pentaquark by Mike Mullins, Pickpockets by Isaac Shalev & Matt Loomis, Stew by Jason Glover, Turbo Drift by Rob Cramer, Twin Stars: Adventure Series I by Jason Tagmire & Mike Mullins, and Twin Stars: Adventure Series II by Jason Tagmire & Mike Mullins.

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