Previously, On Kickstarter… exists to bring you a list of all the board game campaigns releasing the previous day (or since Friday for the Monday edition) that have caught our attention and look promising to us in some way. Our mission with this column is to debulk the glut of Kickstarter offerings and give you a quick & easy way to view relevant, recently launched campaigns while providing some measure of additional risk assessment.

Previously, On Kickstarter… #269

Today’s Previously features The 7th Citadel, Cactus Town, Crash Octopus, Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr ‘n Write, The Dragon & Flagon: The Brew That Is True, Galactic Era, Gatefall: Lost in the North Woods, Hogs of War: The Miniatures Game, Lord of the Chords, Lost to Time, Machina Arcana: To Eternity, Magda, March on the Drina, Martial Art: Clans, Merchants of Infinity, Neko Harbour: The Card Game, Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai, Pets Gone Shady, Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin, Ten Suns: Dawn of China, and The Thing: The Boardgame.

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