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Kickstart This! #185: Batman: The Animated Series Adventures

“Running off IDW Games’ miniatures-driven ‘Adventures Universal Game System’ (AUGS) engine, Batman: The Animated Series Adventures – Shadow of the Bat allows players to take the role of any hero in their roster in the game’s 24 unique missions, which are all inspired by fan-favorite episodes. Even villains can be swapped out in every mission to change up the threats that players will face.”

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Kickstart This! #184: Merlin Deluxe Big Box

“In Merlin, players move their knights or Merlin with the help of dice around the action ring to get the most desired actions. While the knights are only moved by the corresponding player, Merlin can be moved by all players, which makes integrating Merlin in one’s plan a tricky endeavor.” The Merlin Big Box includes the new expansion, the previous two expansions, and the base game.

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