The purpose of Kickstart This! is to alert our readers to Kickstarter campaigns entering their final week. These are the pick of the Kickstarter litter in our opinion, and if we could, we’d be personally backing every last one of these.

So take a look at these campaigns if they haven’t yet crossed your radar!

Kickstart This! #244: Rallyman: DIRT

“A roll and move racing game, where each player has a mixture of Gear, Brake and Coast dice at their disposal to get their car speeding along the track. Each die can only be rolled once per turn. Each die has a certain number of Warning symbols. If you get 3 in one roll, you’ll lose control of your car, increasing your time and potentially damaging your vehicle.”

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Kickstart This! #242: Not Alone: Sanctuary

“An asymmetrical card game in which one player (the Creature) plays against the stranded explorers (the Hunted). The new expansion adds a few elements to the base game, such as a Sanctuary location that gets more powerful the more that you visit it, but which also requires more effort to reach. The creature also gains the ability to mutate. Rescue survivors & fortify your base quickly!”

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Kickstart This! #237: Fire Tower: Rising Flames Expansion + Reprint

“A competitive game where players must fight fire with fire, protecting their own tower while spreading the blaze towards their opponents. In the Rising Flames Expansion, rapid crown fires, heavy winds, and tumultuous weather threatens the forest. Defend your tower with a powerful new deck and a flock of legendary firehawks. Beware the growing influence of the Shadow of the Wood, as destroyed towers now have a host of new abilities with which to claim a surprise victory. The Rising Flames Expansion adds a solo mode along with new variants of play and a flock of custom meeples.”

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