The purpose of Kickstart This! is to alert our readers to Kickstarter campaigns entering their final week. These are the pick of the Kickstarter litter in our opinion, and if we could, we’d be personally backing every last one of these.

So take a look at these campaigns if they haven’t yet crossed your radar!

Kickstart This! #10: Anachrony: Fractures of Time Expansion and Infinity Box

The newest expansion for Anachrony, a heavy worker placement game involving time travelling, as well as a new box that fits everything to-date. The new expansion Fractures includes: a new location with new worker spots; a new mechanic called Blinking that allows players to teleport to a 2nd worker placement spot with the same Exosuit; a new resource called Fracture Devices; a new faction called The Path of Unity, including new Exosuit miniatures; and a new, revised solo mode.

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