Previously, On Kickstarter… #4

(or here’s a list of what launched yesterday that might deserve a closer look)

Project: Clinic: Deluxe Edition

Designer: Alban Viard (Clinic, Small City, Tramways)

Artist: Ian O’Toole (Escape Plan, The Gallerist, Lisboa, Nemo’s War, On Mars, Pipeline, Railways of Portugal, Stockpile, Vinhos Deluxe)

Publisher: AVStudioGames (Card City XL, Small City, Tramways)

Genre/Mechanisms: economic, pick up & deliver, resource management, simulation, tile placement, worker placement

Player Count: 1-4

Solo Mode: yes

Complexity: heavy

Risk: medium-low

Summary: This new version of the heavy hospital simulator Clinic features stunning new box art, rewritten & revised rules (including one set for beginners and another for experts), incredible new art and design work from Ian O’Toole, and an expansion that collects all previous Clinic mini-expansions and additional content.

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $69

All-In (w/shipping): $233, also includes the new Clinic expansion The Edition, Card City XL, Tramways, and the Tramways Engineer’s WorkBook.

Campaign Ends: 5/31

Game Ships: Dec 2019

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 374%, with 22 days to go.

Project: Starving Artists, Second Printing

Designer: Mike Wokasch (Starving Artists)

Artist: Vaughn Reynolds (Hunting Party, Starving Artists)

Publisher: Zafty Games (Pixel Glory, Starving Artists)

Genre/Mechanisms: card selection, resource management, set collection

Player Count: 1-4

Solo Mode: yes

Complexity: light

Risk: medium-low

Summary: This very simple, light game has players placing cubes on pieces of public domain art to claim them and score points, scoring additional points for objectives and set bonuses.

Base Pledge: $29 plus shipping

All-In: $49 plus shipping

Campaign Ends: 6/6

Game Ships: Oct. 2019

Funding Status: Currently at 71%, with 29 days to go.

Project: Trick Shot

Designer: Artyom Nichipurov (Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA, Warpgate)

Artist: n/a

Publisher: Wolff Designa (Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA, Warpgate)

Genre/Mechanisms: card drafting, dice rolling, grid movement, hand management, miniatures, press your luck, sports

Player Count: 2-4

Solo Mode: no

Complexity: medium-heavy

Risk: medium-high

Summary: A tactical hockey game feature grid movement, dice rolling, press your luck, and smartly-designed cartoony miniatures.

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $73

All-In (w/shipping): $93, with pre-painted minis

Campaign Ends: 5/30

Game Ships: March 2020

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 460%, with 22 days to go.

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