Kickstart This! #279: The 7th Citadel

“In this post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy world, you play as a ‘slave-gardener’ who escapes from the Citadel of Necrodruid Ninidazir’, only to find yourself confronted by an even greater threat. Explore the Collapsing Lands freely by gradually unveiling the board using numbered terrain and event cards. Interact with your environment, converse with its inhabitants, and build a city that will signal the renewal of this desolate world.”

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Bi-Monthly Update #5: Early October 2020

6 Currently-Running Kickstarters:
Thunderstone Quest: The Enemies Among Us (funds 10/9)
The 7th Citadel (funds 10/15)
Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin (funds 10/15)
Machina Arcana – To Eternity (funds 10/16)
Dinosaur World & Dinosaur Island: Rawr ‘n Write (funds 10/16)
Cascadia (funds 10/21)

11 New Acquisitions
Belfort 10th Anniversary Edition
Luna Deluxified
Rome & Roll
Spirit Island: Jagged Earth
Arkham Horror: The Card Game Scenario Packs
Dragonfire: Chaos in the Trollclaws
Marvel Champions: The Card Game Hero Packs
The Isle of Cats: Late Arrivals
Aeon’s End: Outcasts
Age of Steam sticker fix

3 Kickstarters Pledged
In Too Deep
The Reckoners: Steelslayer

3 Games Played
Belfort 10th Anniversary Edition

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Previously, On Kickstarter… #278

Today’s Previously features 13 Monsters: Armed to the Teeth, Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black, Card Bard, Cartographers Heroes, Dice Command, Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep & Tavern Tales, Fearsome Wilderness, Frostpunk: The Board Game, Gun and Gun, Herbaceous – Pocket Edition, High Rise: The Ultra Plastic Edition, King of the West, Mud: A Political Card Game, Pocket Paragons, Studies in Sorcery, TorKings, Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial, and World Adventure: Ancient Runes.

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