Previously, On Kickstarter… #286

(or here’s a list of what launched yesterday that might deserve a closer look)

Project: Annapurna: Leave No Trace Behind

Designer: Rebecca Horovitz

Artist: Rebecca Horovitz

Publisher: Rebecca Horovitz

Genre/Mechanisms: card game, memory, modular board, point to point movement, take that

Player Count: 2-4

Solo Mode: no

Complexity: light

Risk: HIGH

Summary: “Cooperate or compete with your fellow climbers to achieve balance on this treacherous, ever-changing mountain. As you explore your mountain-side made of cards you will encounter rock slides, yetis, and danger at every turn.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $29

All-In (w/shipping): $59

Campaign Ends: 11/15

Game Ships: Dec. 2020

Funding Status: Currently at 23% with 24 days to go.

Project: Chronicles of Waral: Revolt in Heldenheim

Designer: Robin Keller

Artists: Gilles Brauneisen, Jean Linnhoff, Yani Beldjaoudene

Publisher: Moskito Games

Genre/Mechanisms: card drafting; income; take that; worker placement, different worker types

Player Count: 2-4

Solo Mode: no

Complexity: medium-light

Risk: HIGH

Summary: “Players fight for the control of Heldenheim. Each round, the districts for which the players fight change. It is up to you to adapt your tactics to the disputed territories. In turns, opponents place their warriors on the districts of their choosing and make decisions: gain resources to be used in another turn, conquering a district, using a trick card… but naturally, the city and your opponents won’t make it easy for you.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $45

All-In (w/shipping): $57

Campaign Ends: 11/20

Game Ships: Dec. 2020

Funding Status: Currently at 68% with 25 days to go.

Project: Fox Matters

Designer: Jacek Gołębiowski (Enchanters, Liski: Ojojanie)

Artist: Beata Smugaj (Liski: Ojojanie)

Publisher: Gindi (Enchanters, Enchanters: Overlords, Liski: Ojojanie)

Genre/Mechanisms: chaining, cooperative game, real-time, solo/solitaire game, variable player powers

Player Count: 1-5

Solo Mode: yes

Complexity: light

Risk: medium-high

Summary: “A real-time co-op game about adorable foxes dealing with everyday problems. Race the clock, recruit Foxes, and match their symbols to deal with troubles piling up in the Fox Kingdom.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $45

All-In (w/shipping): $57

Campaign Ends: 11/4

Game Ships: Mar. 2021

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 137% with 14 days to go.

Project: Kamigami Battles: Rise of the Old Ones

Designer: Rich Gain (Kamigami Battles: Battle of the Nine Realms, Kamigami Battles: River of Souls)

Artist: Brian Snoddy (Magic: The Gathering, Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients, Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death)

Publisher: Japanime Games (Heart of Crown, Krosmaster: Arena, Tanto Cuore)

Genre/Mechanisms: anime/magna, card game, deck building, expansion, hand management, variable player powers

Player Count: 2-6

Solo Mode: no

Complexity: light

Risk: medium-high

Summary: “A standalone game that’s compatible with other Kamigami Battles titles. The gameplay remains mostly the same as you play the role of a great God or a team of Gods, defending your reign from rival Gods by using the warriors and disciples loyal to you. In this version of the game, each player chooses to be a member of the pantheon of Old Gods from H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos, such as Cthulhu or Hastur.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $50

All-In (w/shipping): $325

Campaign Ends: 11/2

Game Ships: May 2021

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 180% with 13 days to go.

Project: Qwarks Wanted

Designer: Gregory Detrez (Qwarks)

Artist: Henri Kermarrec (Bubble Bomb, Million Club, Qwarks)

Publisher: Smile (Qwarks)

Genre/Mechanisms: action/dexterity, memory, party game, simultaneous action selection

Player Count: 2-6

Solo Mode: no

Complexity: light

Risk: HIGH

Summary: “An easy-to-understand and fast-to-play party game for the whole family. You play as a Qwark Hunter whose goal is to catch Qwarks matching several criteria that change each turn. The more your captured Qwarks meet the criteria, the more points you earn.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $20

All-In (w/shipping): $20, same as above

Campaign Ends: 11/6

Game Ships: June 2021

Funding Status: Currently at 21% with 17 days to go.

Project: Warcaster: Collision Course

Designers: Will Hungerford, Jason Soles (Hordes, Warmachine Prime Mk II, Warmachine Prime Mk III), Matt Wilson (Monsterpocalypse, Warmachine, Warmachine Prime Mk II)

Artist: Mike Vaillancourt (Apocryphas Adventure Card Game: Box One – The World, Level 7 [Omega Protocol], Warmachine Prime Mk III)

Publisher: Privateer Press (Level 7 [Omega Protocol], Warmachine, Warmachine Prime Mk II)

Genre/Mechanisms: 2 players, dice rolling, expansion, miniatures, variable player powers, wargame

Player Count: 2

Solo Mode: no

Complexity: medium-heavy

Risk: medium-high

Summary: “Collision Course is the first expansion for the Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika tabletop miniatures game. Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika is a high-speed hobby miniatures game for two players who each take on the role of a powerful Warcaster in command of a formidable battle force. Players assemble and customize a force of 20–30 models and fight a scenario-driven battle using dice and cards to control their mighty units and to cast epic cyphers. The game is played using an alternating-activation turn sequence with a round tracker that governs scoring opportunities and the duration of ongoing effects. Players take turns activating units one at a time and using their rack of cyphers, reality-warping spells that can be used to enhance their troops and warjacks or to devastate their opponent’s force.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $18

All-In (w/shipping): $475, includes vanity rewards

Campaign Ends: 11/5

Game Ships: Apr. 2021

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 165% with 16 days to go.

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