Previously, On Kickstarter… #221

(or here’s a list of what launched yesterday that might deserve a closer look)

Project: Battle of the Bulge 1944

Designer: Dan Fournie

Artist: Sean Cooke (Hearts and Minds: Vietnam 1965-1975, Hold the Line, Holdfast: Russia 1941-1942)

Publisher: Worthington Publishing (Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer, Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles, Holdfast: Russia 1941-1942)

Genre/Mechanisms: 2 players, dice rolling, hexagon grid, movement points, simulation, solo/solitaire game, variable phase order, wargame, zone of control

Player Count: 1-2

Solo Mode: yes

Complexity: medium-light

Risk: medium-high

Summary: “Using concepts from Worthington’s Holdfast Series,” the Battle of the Bulge is a hex and counter war game where “much like in Dunkirk: France 1940 we have included optional German Objective Cards. The German player secretly picks one prior to play, the Allied player does not know the true German objective until the game end creating tension right up to the last die roll.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $71

All-In (w/shipping): $149, also includes 2 other games

Campaign Ends: 7/11

Game Ships: Dec. 2020

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 636%, with 11 days to go.

Project: Motorsport

Designer: Donald Jordan

Artist: Donald Jordan

Publisher: Bloom Games

Genre/Mechanisms: card game, deck building, racing

Player Count: 1-4

Solo Mode: yes

Complexity: medium-light

Risk: HIGH

Summary: “Compete against your fellow drivers to build the most competitive car, as quickly as possible. The goal is to win Events, such as drag races, car shows, drift competitions, autocrosses, and circuit races. The first player to win enough Events to claim seven Trophy Points wins the game.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping): $48

All-In (w/shipping): $108, includes vanity rewards

Campaign Ends: 7/24

Game Ships: Deb. 2021

Funding Status: Currently at 11%, with 25 days to go.

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