Previously, On Kickstarter… #169

(or here’s a list of what launched yesterday that might deserve a closer look)

Project:  GPS, Sequoia, and Mountain Goats

Designers: Hartmut Kommerell (Bambuti, Finito!, GPS, Ludoviel), Chad DeShon (On Tour, Seqouia), Stefan Risthaus (Arkwright, Gentes, Mountain Goats, Santo Domingo)

Artist:  Anca Gavril (Bites, Loot of Lima, On Tour, Q.E.)

Publisher: (Bites, Loot of Lima, On Tour, Q.E.)

Genre/Mechanisms:  race, tile placement (GPS), area majority/influence, dice rolling, tile placement (Sequoia), dice rolling, race, roll/spin and move, track movement (Mountain Goats)

Player Count:  2-5 (GPS & Sequoia), 2-4 (Mountain Goats)

Solo Mode:  no

Complexity:  light

Risk:  medium-low

Summary:  Three light, 10-minute games featuring dice rolling and tile placement.

Base Pledge (w/shipping):  $19, includes 1 game

All-In (w/shipping):  $223, includes all 3 games plus 6 additional games and a board game bag

Campaign Ends:  4/23

Game Ships:  Jan. 2021

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 397%, with 23 days to go.

Project:  Zoollywood

Designers:  Liu Xiao (Cookie Rookie, Glyph Chess, Herbalism), HaoYuan Zhang

Artist:  Odie Wu

Publisher:  Bluepiper Studio (Glyph Chess)

Genre/Mechanisms:  2 players, bias, catch the leader, chaining, command cards, grid movement, hand management, race

Player Count:  2

Solo Mode:  no

Complexity:  light

Risk:  HIGH

Summary:  “A 2-player abstract strategy game with a theme of penguin actors trying to win a film audition.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping):  $48

All-In (w/shipping):  $48, same as above

Campaign Ends:  4/30

Game Ships:  Oct. 2020

Funding Status: Currently at 65%, with 30 days to go.

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