Previously, On Kickstarter… #166

(or here’s a list of what launched yesterday that might deserve a closer look)

Project:  Aquanauts

Designers:  Michael P. Lee, Rose Atkinson (Crypt X, NewSpeak, Sub Terra II: Inferno’s Edge)

Artist:  Marco Luna (Sarah’s Vision, Sub Terra II: Inferno’s Edge)

Publisher:  Inside the Box Board Games (Molecular: The Strategic Chemistry Tile Game, Sub Terra, Sub Terra II: Inferno’s Edge)

Genre/Mechanisms:  economic, exploration, network and route building, pick up and deliver, push your luck, set collection, tile placement, worker placement

Player Count:  2-4

Solo Mode:  no

Complexity:  medium-light

Risk:  medium-high

Summary:  “Aquanauts features an accessible engine building and resource management puzzle wrapped in a worker placement system, providing an introduction to Euro-style gaming as well as an entertaining experience to veteran gamers who want to explore the deep ocean.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping):  $55

All-In (w/shipping):  $127

Campaign Ends:  4/10

Game Ships:  June 2021

Funding Status: Currently at 72%, with 21 days to go.

Project:  Dicetopia: Crashing Waves

Designer:  Tobias Hall (Betwixt and Between, Dicetopia, Dicetopia: Roll with the Punches)

Artist:  Anthony Cournoyer (City of Gears; Crisis; Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot)

Publisher:  All or None Games (Betwixt and Between, Dicetopia, Dicetopia: Roll with the Punches)

Genre/Mechanisms:  area majority/influence, dice rolling, set collection, worker placement with dice workers

Player Count:  2-6

Solo Mode:  no

Complexity:  light

Risk:  medium-high

Summary:  “The final expansion for Dicetopia that introduces a new unsettling dock area with three new locations, adding more strategies and possibilities.” It also expands the maximum player count of Dicetopia from 4 to 6. In Dicetopia, players “unleash their agents to take over neighborhoods, snatch loot, perform shifty actions, and carry out sneaky missions.”

Base Pledge (w/shipping):  $28

All-In (w/shipping):  $73

Campaign Ends:  4/12

Game Ships:  Oct. 2020

Funding Status: Funded; currently at 214%, with 23 days to go.

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