Kickstart This! #275: Streets

Designer:  Haakon Gaardner (Villagers)

Artist: Haakon Gaardner (Villagers)

Publisher:  Sinister Fish Games (Great Scott!, Villagers)

Genre/Mechanisms: city building, set collection, tile placement, variable player powers

Funding Status: At the time of this posting, Streets is already fully-funded. Pledges currently total more than 10x the initial funding goal with less than a day to go on the campaign.

Player Count: 1-5

Solo Mode: yes

Complexity: medium-light

Risk: medium-high

What It’s About: “An easy to learn tile laying game where you build new streets in a growing city. Through careful planning and placement, the aim is to make the most money from selling your buildings.”

How It Works: “In a game of Streets, players collectively build a city while competing to make the most monet from selling their Buildings. Profit is maximized by placing Buildings in locations that increase their value, and by attracting crowds of People from other Streets.”

“Beginning wit the First Player, players tkae turns building Buildings and earning Money by enclosing Streets. Play proceeds clockwise around the table, and the end of the game is triggered when the Stack of Buildings is empty. The Winner is the player with the most Money at the end of the game.” Each player’s turn includes 3 steps: 1) Build a Building, 2) Score Streets, and 3) Pick up a new Building.

When Building a Building, the current player “chooses a Building from their hand and places it in the City so that one of its edges touches and aligns perfectly (oriented the same way as the Building next to it so that the Roads connect, or perpendicular to the Building next to it so that the Building placed forms a new Street). For each Symbol on the Building just played, the current player places a Person on it matching the color of the Building’s Symbol. People are placed lying down, and no People are placed for Wild Symbols. Then the current player places one of their unused Ownership Signs onto the Building to show they own it. If they don’t have any unused Ownership Signs, they must abandon one of their other Buildings, and take the sign from that Building, and moving any People still on the Building to another Building with a matching Symbol.”

If any Streets have become enclosed by the placing of the new Building, players will 2) Score Streets. “Players get Money for selling their Buildings on the now-enclosed Street, and the people on the Building attempt to move to other Streets that feature appropriate Symbols.”

Finally, the current player then draws a new Building from the stack and adds it to their hand. When the Stack is empty, play continues until all players’ hands are empty, and then End Game Scoring begins. All Buildings in the City with Ownership Signs are scored, counting the valuation combined with the number of people on the Building, halving that, and rounding up. Players receive Money for points scored. People are not moved to other Buildings during End Game Scoring. After End Game Scoring is completed, the player with the most total Money wins the game.

Comparisons: Other light to medium-light games that involve city-building and tile placement include Alhambra, Arkadia, Among the Stars, Attika, Between Two Cities, Carcassonne, Chinatown, Gingopolis, Kingdomino, Lords of Vegas, New York 1901, Peloponnes, Quadropolis, Queendomino, Sprawlopolis, and Taluva.

What Should I Pledge?:
$30 Streets: includes the standard version of Streets and all unlocked stretch goals.
$49 Streets: Deluxe: includes the Deluxe version of Streets and all unlocked stretch goals. In the Deluxe version, Money Tokens and Business are wooden instead of cardboard, and the meeples are screen-printed and feature 8 different designs.
$68 Streets & Villagers: includes the rewards from the Streets pledge, plus a copy of Villagers with the Kickstarter Expansion Pack.
$87 Streets: Deluxe & Villagers: includes the rewards from the Streets:Deluxe pledge, plus a copy of Villagers with the Kickstarter Expansion Pack.


KS Exclusives

All-In Total: In the continental U.S., you’re looking at $87 for Streets: Deluxe & Villagers, plus $19 in shipping for a total of $106. If you’re only interested in Streets (without Villagers), then it’s $49 for Streets: Deluxe plus $11 in shipping for a total of $60.

Streets completes its Kickstarter on Thursday, October 1st and tentatively ships in June 2021.

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