The purpose of Kickstart This! is to alert our readers to Kickstarter campaigns entering their final week. These are the pick of the Kickstarter litter in our opinion, and if we could, we’d be personally backing every last one of these.

So take a look at these campaigns if they haven’t yet crossed your radar!

Kickstart This! #192: Endogenesis: Beyond

“A competitive, arena-styled card game set in a chaotic alien universe whose guardians have turned on each other, vying for ultimate godhood. Featuring strategic free-for-all combat, Endogenesis can be enjoyed competitively, cooperatively, or via solo play. Take on the role of a cosmic spirit with access to otherworldly realms. Collect skills from the Realm of Knowledge to customize your character with different powers, and upgrade them with Shards that you earn by defeating your enemies.”

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Kickstart This! #191: Public Market

“Public Market is a tile drafting and tile-laying game set in the Pacific Northwest. Players will venture out on to the open waters of the Pacific, haul in fresh fish (represented as polyominoes), and carefully pack the fish into an ice chest (ideally around the crabs and ice cubes already present). Once the player feels comfortable with the amount of fish in their ice chest, they head to the market to fulfill contracts to outsell their competition and build their reputation up with the local canneries.”

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